Meeting 0n 3/28/18

This weeks meeting is planned for us to learn and recall our cooking skills. Although this is on our schedule, the plans can change due to our last cancelled meeting last week.


New Senior Patrol Leader

At the recent meeting, we voted for a new Troop leader. The winner was Jason Rogers. We hope that he can run the troop smoothly and include fun activities.


When scouts are going on their first camping trips it can be scary. This list is to make sure the scouts bring everything they need.

  • Sleeping Bag-Theres is numerous different types of sleeping bags. The most common is a mummy sleeping bag. Most of the sleeping bags have a range of temperatures that the bag is best if used in. You should get between as high as 60-30 degrees and as low as 20-0 degrees.
  • Lantern/Flashlight-This can help you see through the dark and provide light for you in your tent.
  • Bag-A bag to hold your supplies that you’re bringing. It can be as small as a regular backpack and even bigger than a duffle bag.
  • extra clothes and socks- This can help you if you get your clothes and socks dirty and can also provide extra warmth.
  • Toothbrush and bathroom supplies-You should bring a toothbrush to brush your teeth as well as toothpaste and floss if you want.
  • Sweatshirts and jackets-When we go camping in the cold weather it is important to stay warm, so bring a jacket and sweatshirt to help keep you warm.
  • A mess kit- a mess kit is a plastic plate with a plastic cup and plastic a fork,spoon, and knife. The kit will be your plate when you eat meals during camping.

These are just the basics of what you should bring during a regular camping trip. These will change according to our type of camping trip.


At the meeting, February 14, we will be electing a new Senior Patrol Leader and new Patrol Leader. For those who do not know what a Senior Patrol Leader is, it is the boycott leader of the troop, who leads camping trips and meetings.


This is the troop’s agenda it includes events, meetings, and camping tips.


2/07/18-First class/ Scout skills

2/14/18-ELECTION NIGHT (OA Elections + SPL + PLS)

2/16-18/18: Ski Trip



3/07/18-Wood Tools

3/14/18-Perparation for New Scout Weekend

3/16-18/18:New Scout Weekend