The Troop’s election has been changed to 2/21/18. This weeks meeting will be a catch up meeting and a requirement meeting.



When scouts are going on their first camping trips it can be scary. This list is to make sure the scouts bring everything they need.

  • Sleeping Bag-Theres is numerous different types of sleeping bags. The most common is a mummy sleeping bag. Most of the sleeping bags have a range of temperatures that the bag is best if used in. You should get between as high as 60-30 degrees and as low as 20-0 degrees.
  • Lantern/Flashlight-This can help you see through the dark and provide light for you in your tent.
  • Bag-A bag to hold your supplies that you’re bringing. It can be as small as a regular backpack and even bigger than a duffle bag.
  • extra clothes and socks- This can help you if you get your clothes and socks dirty and can also provide extra warmth.
  • Toothbrush and bathroom supplies-You should bring a toothbrush to brush your teeth as well as toothpaste and floss if you want.
  • Sweatshirts and jackets-When we go camping in the cold weather it is important to stay warm, so bring a jacket and sweatshirt to help keep you warm.
  • A mess kit- a mess kit is a plastic plate with a plastic cup and plastic a fork,spoon, and knife. The kit will be your plate when you eat meals during camping.

These are just the basics of what you should bring during a regular camping trip. These will change according to our type of camping trip.


At the meeting, February 14, we will be electing a new Senior Patrol Leader and new Patrol Leader. For those who do not know what a Senior Patrol Leader is, it is the boycott leader of the troop, who leads camping trips and meetings.


This is the troop’s agenda it includes events, meetings, and camping tips.


2/07/18-First class/ Scout skills

2/14/18-ELECTION NIGHT (OA Elections + SPL + PLS)

2/16-18/18: Ski Trip



3/07/18-Wood Tools

3/14/18-Perparation for New Scout Weekend

3/16-18/18:New Scout Weekend